This steps will guide you on how to install Online trade effortlessly.

Server Requirements:
  • Ensure your PHP version >= 7.0.0
  • Mysql 5.X
  • Cpanel or plesk server recommended
  • Cloud hosting or VPS or dedicated server is recommended (But it can also work on basic shared hosting)
    1. Upload and extract the project files to your desired directory in your filemanager.
    2. Create your DATABASE and USER E.G.
      DATABASE: Onlinetrade
      user: trader password: ********
    3. Ensure you grant the database user all permissions.
    4. In phpmyadmin import your DATABASE sql file from your computer eg OnlinetradeAPRIL2020.sql
    5. Update .env file with your database information. In some host the .env file is hidden by default, to make it visible click on settings at the top right of your cpanel filemanager and check the "show hidden file" check box.
    6. Now visit your domain_name/activate to supply your given license key or envato purchase code to activate the product. eg
    7. Congrats, you are done!