Using a Custom Wordpress or HTML frontend

This article will guide you on how to use your own HTML front-end or Wordpress front-end with OnlineTrade.
Follow the steps below to use your own HTML or wordpress Front-end with Online trade
  • install wordpress or the HTML template on your domain name (public_html) and setup your theme appropriately
  • install Online Trade to a sub domain or sub folder inside (public_html) e.g. or
  • Create a login and register button on the template (This can be done from theme settings in wp-admin for wordpress themes).
  • Then supply Online Trade login and registration links ( and to your HTML or wordpress site login and register buttons respectively.
  • Then, you need to cause a redirect to your wordpress front end when a user logout or tries to access your Wordpress front-end
  • this will make sure the default Online Trade front end is not being displayed.
  • To do this, go to resources/views/home/index.blade.php in Online Trade files. and add this code below to the begining of the file

This is basically how to use a custom theme with Online Trade.